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In the last decade, natural stones like granite, marble etc were the most popupar choice for kitchen countertops. But now engineered quartz is providing to be a tough competitor to them. Quartz is found in plenty of the earth crust and is an inexpensive gemstone. Quartz countertops are growing rapidly in popularity.

Quartz slabs are engineered ina factory- approximately 95% of ground natural quartz is mixed with 5% polyester resins for binding. Coloring pigments are added for that extraordinary array of colors.

The combination of resin and quartz make these slabs nonporous unlike any other and this is a big boost to the kitchen hygiene as they can be kept 99.9% bacteria and mold free. Because they are nonporous they also don’t need to be sealed and treated unlike granite and marble which need regular sealing. . They do not undergo any corrosion from cooking oils, liquids and most houshold cleaning products, because of their nonporous structure.

The dazzling range of colors these slabs are available in, is what endears them to most homeowners, it adds a zing to their kitchens. They are almost unbreakable their durability had prompted many manufacturers to provide warranties sometimes in the range 10-15 years, which was unheard of before with stones like granite. Incase of replacement or add on to kitchens the likelihood of finding the same color/pattern is very likely compared to granite.

Bianco Antico
Brown Antique
Calacatta Extra Super White
Yellow River
Royal White
Ivory Silk
Black Mist
Grigio Perla
Alaska White
White Galaxy
Roma Imperiale
Swiss Alps
Colonial Dream
Giallo Ornementale
Super Grey
Diamond Arrow
Satin Nights
New Venetian
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